Re: When to re-post or give up on a message

From: Stefan Richter
Date: Sat Oct 01 2011 - 14:50:52 EST

On Oct 01 Shea Levy wrote:
> If a new thread is posted to the list without any response, how long
> should the poster wait before losing any expectation of a response?
> Under what circumstances should the poster then re-post, and when should
> he just give up on that thread? Sorry to have to ask this on the list,
> but I can't find it on the faq anywhere.

It depends on what it is about --- e.g. an urgent patch vs. an obscure bug.

But much more important than /when/ to repost is /how/ to repost. If you
did not get a response, then maybe
- the subject,
- the Cc list (subsystem mailinglists, people), or
- the description of your issue
was lacking. If you possibly can, find out more about the issue and where
to send to before you repost.

It is better to repost (though not too frequently) than to give up. But
it is *much better* to repost with better researched and explained
information (and, if applicable, with better Cc list) than to repost the
same message.
Stefan Richter
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