Re: [PATCH 00/30] ARM/omap: omap specific randconfig fixes

From: Santosh Shilimkar
Date: Mon Oct 03 2011 - 01:05:37 EST


On Sunday 02 October 2011 08:15 PM, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> Hi Tony,
> I've mentioned these patches before, and now I've managed to
> go through them again and clean them enough for submission.
> If nobody has any objections, I would like to send them to
> Linus in the coming merge window, otherwise it would be nice
> if you could pick the ones that look good to you and send
> me a pull request. If any of these look like they should be
> backported to stable kernels, please tell me and I'll add
> a cc:stable@xxx tag.
> The entire set is also available from
> git pull git:// randconfig/omap
> but I have not yet pulled them into the for-next branch.
Do you have any scripts to create these randconfigs ?
These are useful to run on newer set of patches also to get all
builds right first place.

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