Re: [BUG] copy file result with zero

From: Ted Ts'o
Date: Mon Oct 03 2011 - 10:18:37 EST

On Mon, Oct 03, 2011 at 03:11:30PM +0200, Lukas Czerner wrote:
> Oops, you're right. I think that the best solution would be to revert
> the commit
> c03f8aa9abdd517477c2021ea1251939b4da49e6
> ext4: use FIEMAP_EXTENT_LAST flag for last extent in fiemap
> and then fix the original problem with your delayed extent tree
> solution, where we can easily check not only for next allocated extent,
> but also for next delayed extent to see if the current one is last or
> not.
> ...
> I do not know how "ready" are your patches..Is it possible to wait for
> them to be ready and fix it in your patch set ? That means, revert the
> mentioned commit and reimplement fiemap with delayed extent tree.

Sigh, yeah, we need to fix this to avoid the hang in xfstests #252 but
users losing data even if the coreutils release was only out there for
13 days is bad juju.

I'm working on reviewing the kernel patch backlog this week, and I'll
give this series one priority.

Thanks to Yongqiang and Lukas for looking into this!

- Ted
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