Re: [PATCH 16/26] ARM: pxa: CPU_PJ4 requires IWMMXT

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Tue Oct 04 2011 - 03:33:46 EST

On Tuesday 04 October 2011, Eric Miao wrote:
> I think this is true for other xscale CPUs as well, so either we make
> them unconditionally all at once, or we still leave an option here.

Do all xscale have iwmmxt?

> It actually looks quite odd to me that CPU_PJ4 is made special here,
> what're the real broken builds errors?


I should probably have provided a longer description of the problem.
The build error is in arch/arm/kernel/pj4-cp0.c, which calls
iwmmxt_task_release unconditionally. The code is obviously
copy-pasted from arch/arm/kernel/xscale-cp0.c, which does much
of the same, but uses both run-time and compile-time conditionals
for iwmmxt.

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