Re: [RFCv3][PATCH 4/4] show page size in /proc/$pid/numa_maps

From: Eric Dumazet
Date: Wed Oct 05 2011 - 03:09:32 EST

Le mardi 04 octobre 2011 Ã 23:50 -0700, David Rientjes a Ãcrit :

> This would be great if all the /proc/pid/numa_maps consumers were human,
> but unfortuantely that's not the case.
> I understand that this patchset was probably the result of me asking for
> the pagesize= to be specified in each line and using pagesize=4K and
> pagesize=2M as examples, but that exact usage is probably not what we
> want.
> As long as there are scripts that go through and read this information
> (we have some internally), expressing them with differing units just makes
> it more difficult to parse. I'd rather them just be the byte count.
> That way, 1G pages would just show pagesize=1073741824. I don't think
> that's too long and is much easier to parse systematically.

Hmm... Thats sounds strange.

Are you saying you cant change your scripts [But you'll have to anyway
to parse pagesize=] ?

I routinely use "cat /proc/xxx/numa_maps", and am stuck when a kernel
displays nothing (it happened on some debian released kernels)

Seeing pagesize=1GB is slightly better for human, and not that hard to
parse for a program.

By the way, "pagesize=4KiB" are just noise if you ask me, thats the
default PAGE_SIZE. This also breaks old scripts :)

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