Re: IIO (+ more general?) Error condition handling (e.g. wire fellout errors)

From: Jonathan Cameron
Date: Wed Oct 05 2011 - 04:44:37 EST

Sorry for the slow reply!
>> 3) Consider these out of band (from the out of band event data)
>> and look at other options for reporting them.
> Treat it like a socket/pipe perhaps - if it "goes down" then report it as
> having hung up and deliver a SIGPIPE or similar and with an appropriate
> error code for those catching it (-EIO ?)
I guess that will work. Feels a little clunky, but such is life.
> That generally gets noticed.
>> Is there anything general out there for reporting hardware failures
>> that would be appropriate? Sometime these conditions are the sort
>> of thing that should cause a siren to go off.
>> They might be sensor failure
> There are two things here - one is making sure the app notices (where we
> have equivalent handling in other interfaces) the other is what to do
> about it. We don't have a general framework for reporting system
> component failure. That's something that ought to get fixed generally to
> report everything from "that new nasty smell was formerly your hard disk"
> to a sensor fail.
It does seem like that would be useful.
>> (p.s. I hope no one is using the current driver for trains, though
>> that might explain British trains...)
> Tssh... there is Linux on UK trains, but it's usually driving annoying
> announcement/video systems.
:) Good thing their are no 'this runs Linux' badges on the speakers.
I've nothing against them using Linux, just the driver in question which
is currently 'interesting'.



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