Re: [Quilt-dev] [RFC][PATCH v2][QUILT] Add gpg signing to quilt mail

From: Andreas Gruenbacher
Date: Wed Oct 05 2011 - 07:22:15 EST

On Wed, 2011-10-05 at 10:23 +0200, Andreas Gruenbacher wrote:
> On Tue, 2011-10-04 at 23:53 -0700, Greg KH wrote:
> > Yes, quoting is the correct thing to do, but that does not usually
> > happen in "Signed-off-by:" lines in kernel patches.
> >
> > Actually, I think this is even a problem when the name is quoted
> > properly, I've had to fix that up in patches by hand.
> Yes, proper quoting currently isn't enough.
> > And yes, this is a problem, I run into at least 1-2 patches per stable
> > kernel release with this issue. I looked into fixing it and somehow the
> > email parsing logic was wierd and I couldn't figure out how to resolve
> > it.
> Okay, I'll have another look ...

I've tried to address this as follows now:

commit f3e7822028616014f933b99d05f42fc028f8d12c
Author: Andreas Gruenbacher <agruen@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed Oct 5 12:57:48 2011 +0200

quilt mail: Allow commas in Signed-off-by and Acked-by lines

The standard quilt_mail_patch_filter() in quilt mail tries to extract email
addresses from Signed-off-by and Acked-by lines. It adds Cc headers with those

Signed-off-by and Acked-by lines sometimes contain commas as part of the
address. When put in recipient headers (To, Cc, Bcc), the commas are
interpreted as separators, which breaks things.

Try to recognize this case and add the appropriate quotes. For example, the
email address in ``Signed-off-by: Gruenbacher, Andreas <agruen@xxxxxxxxxx>'' is
now extracted as ``"Gruenbacher, Andreas" <agruen@xxxxxxxxxx>''.

Note that quilt_mail_patch_filter() can be overridden in .quiltrc; you may need
to update your .quiltrc.

commit c6750845136ff21eb13bc99ec7a6e1689100a13a
Author: Andreas Gruenbacher <agruen@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed Oct 5 12:08:05 2011 +0200

quilt mail: Support double quoted special characters in email adresses

Addresses like "Gruenbacher, Andreas" <agruen@xxxxxxxxxx> will work now.

Please give it a shot.


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