Re: [RFCv4 PATCH 0/6]: add poll_requested_events() function

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Wed Oct 05 2011 - 17:02:04 EST

On Wed, 5 Oct 2011 09:47:09 +0200
Hans Verkuil <hverkuil@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Thursday 29 September 2011 09:44:06 Hans Verkuil wrote:
> > This is the fourth version of this patch series, incorporating the comments
> > from Andrew Morton: I've split up the multiple-assignment line and added a
> > comment explaining the purpose of the new function in poll.h.
> >
> > It's also rebased to the current staging/for_v3.2 branch of the linux-media
> > tree.
> >
> > There are no other changes compared to the RFCv3 patches.
> >
> > I'd very much like to get an Acked-by (or additional comments) from Al or
> > Andrew! This patch series really should go into v3.2 which is getting
> > close.
> >
> > Normally I would have posted this v4 3 weeks ago, but due to Real Life
> > interference in the past few weeks I was unable to. But I'm back, and this
> > is currently the highest priority for me.
> This is becoming annoying. Andrew, Al, can one of you please Ack this patch or
> review it? We *really* need this enhancement for our v4l drivers. I've been
> asking for an ack (or review) for ages and for the most part I got radio
> silence. Jon Corbet has already reviewed the code in early July (!), so I
> don't see why this is taking so long.
> Mauro needs an ack from one of you before he can merge it.

It looks OK to me, but obviously it would be better if Al were to go
through it also. If he doesn't then there isn't a lot we can do about
it - I suggest that you proceed with the plan to merge it into -rc1.
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