linux-next: manual merge of the staging tree with the net tree

From: Stephen Rothwell
Date: Thu Oct 06 2011 - 00:58:33 EST

Hi Greg,

Today's linux-next merge of the staging tree got a conflict in
drivers/staging/brcm80211/brcmsmac/mac80211_if.c between commit
37a41b4affa3 ("mac80211: add ieee80211_vif param to tsf functions") from
the net tree and commit 3956b4a2ddb0 ("staging: brcm80211: remove locking
macro definitions") from the staging tree.

I fixed it up (which essentially means I used the staging tree version
with one small change to the brcms_ops_conf_tx prototype) and can carry
the fixes as necessary.
Stephen Rothwell sfr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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