kernel crash

From: Pau Espin Pedrol
Date: Thu Oct 06 2011 - 17:59:23 EST


Since more a less kernel 3.0 my intel i5 has kernel panics (computer
stops working at all and keyboard leds start to blink).
I can't recall exactly, but I think it was more a less the same time
since I started using nvidia drivers with twinview (2 screens), which
could may be the cause?

I'm using archlinux, so I've been told the kernel is a vanilla kernel.

I can somehow "reproduce" the crash here. I mean, every day when I
boot my PC, I know a kernel crash will happen in the next 1-15 min
aprox. Then I reboot my PC and I don't have any kernel panic till next
It sometimes happens at bootime, sometimes when I'm just logged in
into X server and doing work or when I halt the computer.

I was able to get some photos of the kernel backtrace when the crash
appears while booting/halting.
Here you have the link to a tar.gz file which contains several photos
with backtraces:

You can find more information of the PC in several text files I
uploaded tho the same dir:
Let's hope they are of help to you.

If you need me to try something or give me more information just tell me!

PS: Please add me to the CC when answering this mail as I am not
subscribed to the ml ;)

Pau Espin Pedrol
mail/jabber: pespin.shar@xxxxxxxxx
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