[PATCH] accessfs: move get_sb to mount

From: Harro Haan
Date: Fri Oct 07 2011 - 07:17:12 EST


Accessfs did not work anymore for recent kernels, because there have
been a few vfs changes. This is already described by Randy Dunlap:

The attached patch will fix this.



On 21 August 2011 11:22, Remy Bohmer <linux@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Olaf,
> Attached I have put 2 patches:
> - accessfs-2.6.38-0.25.patch : Patch has been forward ported to 3.0
> - accessfs-2.6.38-0.25-fix-build.patch: This patch has to be applied
> to make it compile on 3.0 when CONFIG_NET_HOOKS and CONFIG_ACCESS_FS
> both are NOT set.
> I expect that this fix-build patch has to be applied to the 2.6.38
> edition as well, since it results in unresolved externals that should
> be there on 2.6.38 as well.
> Kind regards,
> Remy

Attachment: accessfs-move-get_sb-to-mount.patch
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