[PATCH 1/7] SUNRPC: create RPC pipefs superblock per networknamespace context

From: Stanislav Kinsbursky
Date: Fri Oct 28 2011 - 10:24:33 EST

This is the initial step of RPC pipefs virtualization. It changes nothing to
current pipefs behaviour except that mount of pipefs in other than init_net
network namespace context will provide only root tree. No other dentries will
be visible.

Signed-off-by: Stanislav Kinsbursky <skinsbursky@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

net/sunrpc/rpc_pipe.c | 3 ++-
1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diff --git a/net/sunrpc/rpc_pipe.c b/net/sunrpc/rpc_pipe.c
index b181e34..ad517bd 100644
--- a/net/sunrpc/rpc_pipe.c
+++ b/net/sunrpc/rpc_pipe.c
@@ -1006,6 +1006,7 @@ rpc_fill_super(struct super_block *sb, void *data, int silent)
struct inode *inode;
struct dentry *root;
+ struct net *net = data;

sb->s_blocksize = PAGE_CACHE_SIZE;
sb->s_blocksize_bits = PAGE_CACHE_SHIFT;
@@ -1030,7 +1031,7 @@ static struct dentry *
rpc_mount(struct file_system_type *fs_type,
int flags, const char *dev_name, void *data)
- return mount_single(fs_type, flags, data, rpc_fill_super);
+ return mount_ns(fs_type, flags, current->nsproxy->net_ns, rpc_fill_super);

static struct file_system_type rpc_pipe_fs_type = {

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