Re: [RFC/PATCH 4/7] x86, mm: Wrap ZONE_DMA32 with CONFIG_ZONE_DMA32

From: Arun Sharma
Date: Mon Oct 31 2011 - 19:18:19 EST

On 10/31/11 3:52 PM, David Rientjes wrote:
On Fri, 28 Oct 2011, Pekka Enberg wrote:

In preparation for unifying 32-bit and 64-bit zone_sizes_init() make sure
ZONE_DMA32 is wrapped in CONFIG_ZONE_DMA32.

Cc: Tejun Heo<tj@xxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Yinghai Lu<yinghai@xxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: H. Peter Anvin<hpa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: David Rientjes<rientjes@xxxxxxxxxx>
Signed-off-by: Pekka Enberg<penberg@xxxxxxxxxx>

Acked-by: David Rientjes<rientjes@xxxxxxxxxx>

Adding Arun Sharma to the cc, he was interested in disabling
CONFIG_ZONE_DMA32 and I believe carries this patch internally (as we do).

Yes we do.

Acked-by: Arun Sharma <asharma@xxxxxx>

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