perf event group siblings not counting in mainline

From: Will Deacon
Date: Sat Dec 24 2011 - 07:54:43 EST

Hi Peter,

If I try using perf with event groups on a mainline kernel, only the group
leader counts:

linaro@mashed-potato:~$ perf stat --no-scale -g -e task-clock -e cpu-clock -e cs -- ls
hwb linux

Performance counter stats for 'ls':

17.545541 task-clock # 0.634 CPUs utilized
0.000000 cpu-clock
0 cs # 0.000 M/sec

0.027684984 seconds time elapsed

This is fixed by b79387ef ("perf: Fix enable_on_exec for sibling events")
in -next (20111222) but I can't see this queued anywhere for 3.2 (I thought
I might see it in -rc7).

Is this going in for the final cut, or will groups just be borked until 3.3?


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