Re: [27/27] clockevents: Set noop handler in clockevents_exchange_device()

From: Tim Gardner
Date: Fri Dec 30 2011 - 10:07:16 EST

On 12/29/2011 06:05 PM, Linus Torvalds wrote:
On Thu, Dec 29, 2011 at 4:09 AM, Jonathan Nieder<jrnieder@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

This is basically the reverse of 7c1e768974 (clockevents: prevent
clockevent event_handler ending up handler_noop, 2008-09-03). The
rationale for the latter still applies.

Hmm. You seem to be right. Instead of applying this to stable, it
looks like we should revert it from mainline.

People have been reporting
the analagous patch to this one causing hangs on resume in 3.1.y and
3.2 release candidates:


So please consider reverting it for now.

Thomas? It does seem to be broken and there do seem to be regression
reports about it.

Should I revert it, or do you have alternative fixes?


We (Ubuntu) are seeing this issue as well in both 3.0.13 and 3.2-rc6:

Reverting that single patch alleviates the resume regression.

Tim Gardner tim.gardner@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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