Re: cifs: ls of mount point gives input/output error (probably relatedto CIFS: getdents() broken for large dirs)

From: Konstantinos Skarlatos
Date: Fri Dec 30 2011 - 16:46:39 EST

On 30/12/2011 8:00 ÎÎ, Konstantinos Skarlatos wrote:
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I mount via cifs a windows XP share, df gives me correct sizes,
but when
I ls the mount point i get input/output error.

mount --verbose -t cifs -o username=administrator,password=blahblah
// /mnt/backups/montaz/jobs
mount.cifs kernel mount options:

// 114464
105196 9268 92% /mnt/backups/montaz/jobs

ls /mnt/backups/montaz/jobs/
ls: reading directory /mnt/backups/montaz/jobs/: Input/output error
total 0

the fun thing is that i can cd to a lower level directory, and ls
fine there! only the mount point has the problem

ls /mnt/backups/montaz/jobs/test
total 44K
drwxr-xr-x 1 root root 0 Apr 30 2010 blah blah/

kernel version 3.2rc7

this seems to be related to :
Re: [3.0.0+][Regression][Bisected] CIFS: getdents() broken for
large dirs

Hmmm, maybe. What makes you think that it's related? What sort of
server are you seeing this against?
Windows XP service pack 2 (greek)

How many files are in the directory?

140 folders and 20 files

Attached is a tcp dump of my session.
I tried reproducing this here, but wasn't able to. Testing against my
xp box worked fine.

Most likely, the FIND_FILE responses are falling afoul of the code in
coalesce_t2 or check2ndT2. Unfortunately that code is pretty
complicated and I'm not certain what the problem actually is...

One thing that's interesting is that the total data being sent in the
request is rather large (16336 bytes). I think that's legit, but maybe
it's exceeding the end of the buffer once we try to coalesce it.

Would it be possible to get the cFYI output from this test?
I did not get a cFYI output from that test, but i redid a mount-ls-umount and am attaching the tcpdump
Also here you can find the cifsFYI and the contents of /proc/fs/cifs/DebugData form the same test

Is this a regression? Did it work with earlier kernels and only
recently start failing?

I do not know, and i am a bit afraid to downgrade this machine below 3.0 due to some changes arch linux has introduced recently. I can always set up a few virtual machines though, and i can even request permission from my company to give you shell access if you like. Which kernel versions would you like me to test?
I just tested 3.1.5-1-ARCH on a virtual machine and it works, so it is probably a regression... On the same virtual machine 3.2-rc7 produces input/output error. The virtual machine is a fresh install of arch linux.
here is the relevant pastebin
and attached is the tcpdump
As a am a noob to all this, what should I do next in order to help you? maybe compile a 3.1 kernel from official sources to make sure no patches from arch linux interfere?

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