Re: loading firmware while usermodehelper disabled.

From: Oliver Neukum
Date: Sat Dec 31 2011 - 10:58:15 EST

Am Samstag, 31. Dezember 2011, 16:33:12 schrieb Alan Stern:

> Nothing has changed in the USB layer -- it has always been true that
> devices could be reset during a suspend/resume cycle. This isn't a
> matter of how the stack is written or anything like that; some
> motherboards simply do not provide suspend power to their USB
> controllers. Or the firmware reinitializes the controllers and
> attached devices during resume, forcing Linux's USB core to reset
> every device on the affected buses.
> When it comes to suspend/resume, there are almost no guarantees. :-(

We are definitely going through do_unbind_rebind(). But I don't think
it matters why we got there. We seem to be calling probe() too early.
And we need to guarantee that a driver can request firmware in probe()

So something has changed in the resume code path further up.


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