Re: iwlagn is getting even worse with 3.3-rc1

From: Emmanuel Grumbach
Date: Thu Jan 26 2012 - 00:49:38 EST

Hi Norbert,

> syslog output is at
> this is after a suspend and resume.
> first connection after resume succeeded at around kernel time 378.859794
> then it worked for say 20sec or so, hard to say when exactely it dropped,
> but defeinitely at kernel time 451 it was finished.
> After that nothing went out or in again.
> Hope you can make something out of that.

Unfortunately, not really. I can see you are hitting PASSIVE_NO_RX,
meaning that the uCode complains that you are trying to Tx on a
passive channel on which it hasn't heard any beacon yet. But then we
finally get a beacon there, and open the queue again.

Anyway, can you try the attached patch ?
Note that I have no real way to test it (I have to admit I haven't
even compiled... I am not in my office).
I hope it might help.

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