Re: [PATCH v4] x86, olpc: add debugfs interface for EC commands

From: H. Peter Anvin
Date: Mon Mar 26 2012 - 17:32:10 EST

On 03/26/2012 02:29 PM, Andrew Morton wrote:
>> v4: really fix sign-off tags
> s/fix/break/? "Originally-from" is not a recognised tag. If this code
> is based upon an earlier version from Paul then Signed-off-by: is
> correct.
> What's going on here? What are you trying to communicate?

I have been using "Originally-by:" (not Originally-from:) to indicate
content originally written by someone else which has then been
dramatically redone. It seems to communicate, but probably should be
written into a spec somewhere.

It doesn't make much sense to put that after a Signed-off-by: though
(lines are supposed to be in chronological order.)

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