Re: [PATCH 15/20] unicore32/mm/fault.c: Port OOM changes to do_pf

From: Guan Xuetao
Date: Mon Mar 26 2012 - 23:17:56 EST

On 03/20/2012 09:25 PM, Kautuk Consul wrote:
Commit d065bd810b6deb67d4897a14bfe21f8eb526ba99
(mm: retry page fault when blocking on disk transfer) and
commit 37b23e0525d393d48a7d59f870b3bc061a30ccdb
(x86,mm: make pagefault killable)

The above commits introduced changes into the x86 pagefault handler
for making the page fault handler retryable as well as killable.

These changes reduce the mmap_sem hold time, which is crucial
during OOM killer invocation.

Port these changes to unicore32.

Signed-off-by: Kautuk Consul<consul.kautuk@xxxxxxxxx>

Sorry for replying so late.

I've tested the patch for compilation and running, but not triggered VM_FAULT_RETRY.


Guan Xuetao
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