Re: Support for Perle SXPCI Universal Serial Cards

From: Alan Cox
Date: Wed Mar 28 2012 - 06:58:49 EST

> Can anyone tell me if this card is currently supported in a recent
> Linux kernel (the last kernel I have seen support in is 2.6.9), or if

The rio and sx drivers had no maintainer and have security holes and
other problems so when nobody stepped up they went in the recycling.

> deal with Windows 7, or upgrade to Linux, even if it means porting the
> older Perle code to a newer kernel.

The generic serial layer has gone (and is unfixably insecure without
major rewrite), the core tty code has changed a fair bit too - so it'll
need some porting over to the tty_port infrastructure instead but the low
level stuff should all be pretty much fine.

If someone does that work then there's no reason it can't go back into
the tree. We just ran out of people who cared about it with everyone now
using USB or the vast array of PCI 16x50 based generic boards.

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