Re: lockups shortly after booting in current git.

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Thu Mar 29 2012 - 16:38:52 EST

On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 1:26 PM, Dave Jones <davej@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'll go back to trying the bisect now that I know how to reproduce it quickly.
> Do you think it might be worth restricting the bisect to fs/ ?
> Or shall I just do the whole tree bisect from 3.3 ?

Despite my "it looks like writes only" theory it *might* be a libata
issue (I assume this is a SATA drive), so I wouldn't force it to just

There are also patches in mm/, and who knows if it might be some
locking or RCU change that triggers it too.

So I would suggest a whole-tree bisect. At least start out that way
for a few rounds. It's painful when there has been 8000+ commits since
v3.3, but it may be that as you bisect it becomes clear that it's some
particular subsystem, and at *that* point maybe it's worth saying
"don't bother bisecting through all the ARM changes", just start a new
bisect with the known good/bad points and limit it to subsystem X.

After three bisections, you should be down to a thousand commits. And
at that point it becomes worth looking at "ok, which subsystems seem
to be represented in these 1000 commits" to see if you can narrow
things down.

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