Re: [ANNOUNCE] Linux hits 20 Gb/s stream to disk levels over Infiniband

From: Jeffrey Merkey
Date: Sat Mar 31 2012 - 15:23:19 EST

On 3/31/12, David Dillow <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Sat, 2012-03-31 at 11:28 -0600, Jeffrey Merkey wrote:
>> Made it to 20 Gb/s network packet capture stream to disk performance
>> levels over Infiniband fabrics on Linux.
> I'm assuming that the interesting part is the 20 Gbits/s capture? And at
> minimum packet sizes, I'd hope. Linux has been able to stream more than
> 5 GBytes/s (40 Gbits/s) to disk for several years now over SRP.

Network Capture while being routed and regenerated and piped through
apps at the same time from live network traffic. Most of the other
vendors tout 10 Gb/s stream to disk but only Solera really can do it.
All of them except Niksun are Linux and I think they moved some of
their stuff to it. So hitting 20 Gb/s is a big deal right now. With
Intel's push in IB/Ethernet, this is where the next thing is going.
3D Torus stuff is totally cool. You can actually store data in the
network itself. Talk about a challenge for Network security.

The next class of malicious programs may be adapted to live within
fabrics and require new methods to detect and remove them.

>> Will be trying this on 3.0
>> after I work through the OFED issues (long list). Post the results
>> from 3.0. These are from 2.6.XX series kernels.
> You may find it easier to use a recent RedHat or SUSE with an upstream
> kernel. I know that RHEL6 userland is compatible with the upstream
> kernel's Infiniband, and OFED is moving its kernel work to a "backport
> upstream" model for OFED 3.2.

I've got RH6 done, but OFED was down on the list and SLES was ahead No rest for the weary.


>> Linux f_cking ROCKS!!!
> Indeed it does.
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