Re: [PATCH] r8169: fix problem with TSO (TX_BUFFS_AVAIL negativevalue)

From: Alex Villacís Lasso
Date: Wed May 09 2012 - 00:37:40 EST

El 07/05/12 18:42, Francois Romieu escribió:
Julien Ducourthial<jducourt@xxxxxxx> :
The r8169 may get stuck or show bad behaviour after activating TSO :
the net_device is not stopped when it has no more TX descriptors.
This problem comes from TX_BUFS_AVAIL which may reach -1 when all
transmit descriptors are in use. The patch simply tries to keep positive
It seems more than good.

Alex, Thomas, can you check if Julien's patch below fixes your broken
kernels as well ?

No luck. The backtrace still appears after using the patched driver.
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