Re: [PATCH 0/2] mfd: MAX8997: Support irq domain for Maxim MAX8997

From: Chanwoo Choi
Date: Thu May 10 2012 - 19:45:28 EST

On 05/11/2012 03:20 AM, Greg KH wrote:

> On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 07:54:48PM +0900, Chanwoo Choi wrote:
>> This patchset add support irq domain for Maxim MAX8997 interrupts.
>> The first patch is based on patch written by Thomas Abraham and fix
>> two bug which set max8997->irq_domain instead of NULL pointer and
>> correct wrong parameter by Chanwoo Choi.
>> -
>> The second patch use irq domain for MAX8997 muic interrupt instead
>> of irq_base in platform data of MAX8997 driver.
>> But, I posted following patchset related to MAX8997 driver.
>> This patchset support Extcon framework in extcon-max8997 driver to
>> control external connector instead of max8997-muic driver. So, first
>> patch add MAX8997 extcon driver(drivers/extcon/extcon-max8997.c) and
>> last patch remove old MAX8997 muic driver(drivers/misc/max8997-muic.c).
>> -
>> This patchset was applied in below git repository of Greg Kroah-Hartman.
>> -;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/driver-core-next
>> I think that this patchset should be applied on the git repository
>> of Greg Kroah-Hartman to remove possible conflict issue when merged.
> That's fine with me, should the MFD maintainer have been copied on this
> to get his signed-off-by on it?

I knew that first patch written by Thomas Abraham has been already
confirmed ack message from MFD maintainer(Samuel Ortiz
<sameo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>). You can check it on first patch and below git
repository of Mark Brown.

The below patch has occurred build break, so it was reverted by Mark
Brown. And then I did post this patchset with bug fix.;a=commit;h=98d8618af37728f6e18e84110ddb99987b47dd12

Best Regards,
Chanwoo Choi

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