Re: [ANNOUNCE][PATCH] Rotary Interactivity Favor Scheduler V2 Releaae

From: mou Chen
Date: Sat May 12 2012 - 00:15:39 EST

On Sat, May 12, 2012 at 1:06 AM, mou Chen <hi3766691@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hmm. The new version is released.;-)
> The RIFS SCHEDULER is a scheduler for a low latency desktop. It is
> implemented base on the concept of simple.It lets the interactive task
> run first than the cpu bound task.
> First , RIFS is based on the multiple feedback queue algorithm. That
> means it will let the high priority process run first. After the task
> has run out of timeslice or it sleeps for waiting something RIFS will
> determine whether we should increase the prio or not.For.preemption we
> just need to compare the prio to determine whether it can preempt or
> not.
> If a task run out of time_sluce we.will.decrease it 's prio.
> If a task run half of the time_slice and sleep we will increase it's prio
> In the other case we will save the time_slice.
> If a task that has a higher prio than his static_prio run out of
> time_slice, we will drop it's priority to the static_prio.
> If a task run out of time_slice and it's prio has become 140 already,
> we will raise it's prio to static_prio.
>                             Chen
Actually the scheduler use these 5 method to prevent the happen of
starveness and enhance the interactivity and responsiveness. Making
the end user feeling smooth is the goal of RIFS.

This is the benchmark given by "latt":

Parameters: min_wait=100ms, max_wait=500ms, clients=1

Wakeup averages
Max 23 usec
Avg 8 usec
Stdev 3 usec
Stdev mean 0 usec

Work averages
Max 22469 usec
Avg 20069 usec
Stdev 286 usec
Stdev mean 28 usec

Wakeup averages
Max 13 usec
Avg 4 usec
Stdev 1 usec
Stdev mean 0 usec

Work averages
Max 20086 usec
Avg 19706 usec
Stdev 82 usec
Stdev mean 8 usec

It seems that RIFS has a even lower scheduling latency on an full idle box.
Actually the difference between RIFS and BFS also CFS will become
significant under a heavy workload for example make -j256 or even make
-j512. Firefox is still smooth even make -j512 on a 3.3.x kernel with
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