Re: [PATCH v9 00/19] Introduce a led trigger for CPU activity and consolidate LED driver in ARM

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Sat May 12 2012 - 10:54:22 EST

On Friday 11 May 2012, Bryan Wu wrote:
> OK, I rebased my patch back on 3.4.0-rc6, please find it here:
> git:// leds
> linux-next branch can be also found here:
> git:// leds-next
> Arnd, could you please help me to merge? if got any issue, please
> point to me to fix.

Hi Bryan,

I've merged it into a new next/leds branch. I got conflicts with the clps711x
and at91 cleanups that are already in the next/cleanup branch but I think
I resolved them all correctly. It would be nice if you and/or the maintainers
of those platforms could confirm that.

What is the point of your leds-next branch? We usually don't have a branch like
that because the linux-next tree is rebased every day, and creating a branch based
on it will not be too helpful. Your patches should be in the next linux-next
release, so everyone can just use that for testing now.

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