Re: Regression-broken V4L2 radio API for BTTV cards (PV951)

From: Roman Savochenko
Date: Mon May 14 2012 - 13:18:29 EST

On 15.12.11 14:41, Roman Savochenko wrote:
Start from kernel 2.6.39 my TV card's PV951 radio is not work.
On 2.6.38 it still fine work and form 2.6.39 to present it is not.
I have seen to source's different for BTTV code from 2.6.38 to 2.6.39
and have not seen any functional changes then the problem is generic for
radio API.
The problem appear by partial check for option "bttv radio=1". For that option /dev/radio0 is created but checking for radio into function check_mode() see only to device's flag ".has_radio", which clear for "ProVideo PV951 (42)" card.

Replacing card to "Pace TV & Radio Card (101)" resolve the problem for me.

I think for fix that behavior need set flag ".has_radio" or RADIO mask for flag "bttv radio=1".

Regards, Roman
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