RE: Please send a patch to set .gitignore to handleDocumentation/misc-devices/mei/mei-amt-version

From: Winkler, Tomas
Date: Mon May 14 2012 - 16:33:35 EST

> I'm tired of seeing Documentation/misc-devices/mei/mei-amt-version show
> up in 'git status' as an untracked file, care to please fix it up?

Oh right I forgot the .gitignore

Maybe we can add some CONFIG_ option to avoid unconditional compilation
of the example code, what do you think?

> But really, shouldn't binary files like this to into tools/ instead of
> Documentation?
I'm not sure it is really a tool it just really example code.

There are other examples of that e.g. Documentation/watchdog/src/watchdog-test and some more

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