Re: [RFC v4] UBI: Fastmap support (aka checkpointing)

From: Subodh Nijsure
Date: Tue May 15 2012 - 13:48:25 EST

Hello Richard,

On 05/15/2012 10:11 AM, Richard Weinberger wrote:
v3: Didn't release it to linux-mtd
Will kernel that has older UBI drivers be able to mount and update the UBI volumes that have been created with checkpointing feature?

Say I have bootrom that has 3.0.X kernel that has no knowledge of UBI checkpointing, and my flash /dev/mtd2 has UBI volume with checkpointing enabled. Will this bootrom be able to attach /dev/mtd2 and mount UBI volume and read/write files on it?

Changes since v1:
- renamed it to UBIVIS (at least in Kconfig)
- UBIVIS parameters are now configurable via Kconfig
- several bugs have been fixed (design and implementation bugs)
- added lots of comments to make the review process easier
- made happy

Changes since v2:
- minor bugs have been fixed
- renamed it to UBI fastmap (as Artem requested)

Changes since v3:
- changed the on-flash layout (added padding fields, turned the
EBA storage into an array)
- fixed some corner cases (the protection queue needed some extra work)
- removed the data type hint logic
- rebased to Artems mtd tree

[PATCH 1/7] [RFC] UBI: Export next_sqnum()
[PATCH 2/7] [RFC] UBI: Export compare_lebs()
[PATCH 3/7] [RFC] UBI: Add fastmap on-flash layout
[PATCH 4/7] [RFC] UBI: Add fastmap structs to ubi_device
[PATCH 5/7] [RFC] UBI: Make wl subsystem fastmap aware
[PATCH 6/7] [RFC] UBI: Implement fastmapping support
[PATCH 7/7] [RFC] UBI: Wire up fastmap support

git:// ubi2/v4

Some benchmark numbers:

Erase block size: 1MiB
Page size: 4096
Total PEBs: 4081*

Attach method Time** #scanned PEBs
scanning 0m4.568s 4081
fastmap 0m0.486s 3

Erase block size: 1MiB
Page size: 4096
Total PEBs: 2062*

Attach method Time #scanned PEBs
scanning 0m2.440s 2062
fastmap 0m0.439s 3

Erase block size: 1MiB
Page size: 4096
Total PEBs: 1038*

Attach method Time #scanned PEBs
scanning 0m1.351s 1038
fastmap 0m0.422s 4

We observe that attaching by scanning depends on the total size N of the UBI
device.It has a complexity of O(N).
Whereas attaching by fastmap has a nearly constant attaching time.
In the best case fastmap has to scan only one PEB.
This case can happen if the complete fastmap fits into one PEB, the fastmap
super block is the first PEB on the MTD partition and the fastmap pool is empty.
On the other side, in the worst case fastmap has to scan UBI_FM_MAX_START +
With the current default settings this would be 192 PEBs.
So, attaching via fastmap has a complexity of O(1).
I think we can reduce UBI_FM_MAX_BLOCKS and UBI_FM_MAX_POOL_SIZE to a much
smaller value. On most real NAND chips the whole fastmap fits into one PEB.

- Artem is fully happy with the current on-flash layout,
maybe I can merge the erase counters into the EBA table
- Get a full review :)


*) Didn't use the full NAND for UBI because Kernel, U-Boot, DT needed also
some space.

**) Time was taken by: "time ubiattach -m 5"

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