thinkpad x60: critical thermal shutdown does not work (and ethernetoverheats)

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Tue May 15 2012 - 14:10:20 EST


I have rather old thinkpad x60 here. Long time ago, I noticed that on
high continuous ethernet load, it shuts itself down in regular
way. I traced it down to overheat, followed by ACPI signaling system
to go down.

This no longer works in recent kernels. (3.4-rc7 tested, but probably
it does not work correctly in 3.2 either). Now machine just hangs when
it should start /sbin/poweroff. If I then turn it on, it hangs during
ACPI init. I have to let it cool down, then it can boot.


a) Any ideas how to solve the overheating problem? Is it hw or sw? Are
there workarounds... like should I go to 10mbit? (It overheats even
under 2MB/sec continuous load...). Is it common thinkpad fault?

b) Why did it stop shutting down correctly? Can you reproduce it by
overheating machine artifically?


(cesky, pictures)
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