Re: [Xen-devel] [xen vMCE RFC V0.2] xen vMCE design

From: Christoph Egger
Date: Tue Jul 03 2012 - 05:45:48 EST

On 07/03/12 09:16, Jan Beulich wrote:

>>>> On 02.07.12 at 19:32, "Liu, Jinsong" <jinsong.liu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Thanks AMD's feedback :)
>> This vMCE design foils is basically for Intel MCA, involving many details
>> specific to Intel.
>> I agree that for x86 Intel and AMD can share logic in many fields. However,
>> for MCA logic Intel and AMD are quite different, like
>> 1. MSRs interface, e.g. MCG_CAP, MCi_MICS, MCi_CTL2, etc;
>> 2. error injection, AMD provide NMI/single MCE/broadcast MCE, while in our
>> design only concern broadcast MCE# (and pretend to expose CMCI);
>> 3. MCE handler: currently in xen Intel and AMD mce use different triggle
>> method and mce handler;
>> Considering the big difference, I suggest we separately provide Intel vMCE
>> and AMD vMCE (i.e. vmce_intel.c and vmce_amd.c).
> I'm not convinced of the need, and would prefer aiming at a
> shared implementation unless issues arise that make this
> impossible.

I have patches ready that do that. About 80% of mce_intel.c is not
Intel specific. I am just waiting for the feature freeze to end...


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