[PATCH 0/2] fat (exportfs): fix NFS file handle decode

From: Steven J. Magnani
Date: Tue Jul 03 2012 - 15:06:07 EST

When the system evicts inodes and dentries under memory pressure, the FAT
driver is unable to map NFS file handles back to the objects they reference.
In many cases this causes client operations to fail with ENOENT. This is
partially due to ineffectiveness of the current FAT NFS implementation,
and partially due to export_operations that have not yet been implemented for
FAT. For example, the lack of a fh_to_parent method can cause file accesses to
fail on shares exported with subtree_check.

This series depends on the following patches:
* fat: Fix non-atomic NFS i_pos read
* fat: Accessors for msdos_dir_entry 'start' fields
* fat: Refactor shortname parsing

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