linux-next: build failure after merge of the infiniband tree

From: Stephen Rothwell
Date: Thu Jul 05 2012 - 22:36:52 EST

Hi all,

After merging the infiniband tree, today's linux-next build (powerpc
ppc64_defconfig) failed like this:

drivers/infiniband/core/cma.c: In function 'rdma_bind_addr':
drivers/infiniband/core/cma.c:2411:30: error: 'struct net' has no member named 'ipv6'

Caused by commit e7925058b0ed ("RDMA/cma: Bind to a specific address
family"). CONFIG_IPV6 is not enabled for this build.

I have used the version of the infiniband tree from next-20120705 for

Stephen Rothwell sfr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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