Re: Drop support for x86-32

From: wbrana
Date: Thu Aug 23 2012 - 13:22:14 EST

- is deprecated since Linux supports X32.
- will slow down adoption of X32 - there won't be X32 versions of many
software - if new ABI was added, old one should be removed
- wastes time of developers who can spend their time supporting X32
instead of x86-32 or support x86-64 only as 99% of users will be able
to run x86-64 software if x86-32 will be dropped
- wouldn't be dropped this year, but there should be plan when it will
be dropped e.g. when Windows 9 will be released

On 8/23/12, Martin Nybo Andersen <tweek@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Why?
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