kruft cutting

From: Eric Furrmann
Date: Mon Aug 27 2012 - 17:02:07 EST

Ok, I know there will be a few old geezers who will get their panties
in a bunch about this but hear me out..

So.. i'ts established that the Desktop PC is dead

Sorry.. get over it.

and Linux was never really for the Desktop anyway

So why are we still supporting keyboards? I mean really, when was the
last time anybody here actually used a keyboard? How many of us even
still have them? OK.. I have a couple but I hollowed them out and
made planters out of them days ago. I mean... keyboards are like so
last week!

So.... That said. Let's ditch that obsolete input device support!
Full screen filling, extra sensitive, just a little off alignment
on-screen T-9.. now that is where it is at baby!
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