Suggestions for the Future of Linux

From: Angela Bernard
Date: Fri Sep 07 2012 - 15:39:26 EST

Peoples, we're entering a new era of tech - so let's get Linux going
the way people want it to.

1: Remove ethernet support. Ethernet is just bloat - devices only have
it for the stubborn old geezers. Other than that, no one really uses
it. Get over it.

Who expects that thick cabling running through our offices? I don't!

2: Remove multi-monitor support

The new way for technology is mobile. The desktop is dead, and Linux
on the desktop has been deader than dead since it was conceived. No
one, even on the desktop space, really even uses multi-monitors,

3: Remove support for multiple users - no one really expects a single
device to be used by two people!

4: Ending optical drive support - when's the last time you ever bought
something on disk for use in your Linux box? The CD, DVD and Blu-Ray
are today what the Floppy was 15 years ago - obsolete and yet still in
use - where you need multiple disks for one thing - And even most
people's internet are faster than a CD drive.
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