Re: [PATCH][GPIO] Add IRQ edge setter to gpiolib

From: Drasko DRASKOVIC
Date: Fri Oct 05 2012 - 09:16:00 EST

On Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 2:40 PM, Linus Walleij <linus.walleij@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 2:20 PM, Drasko DRASKOVIC
> Why not put the above text into the patch commit blurb?

OK, I can add this easily. Makes sense.

> If I understand correctly the below more or less exports
> struct irq_chip to userspace,
> trying to hide it by instead exposing a property of the
> containing struct gpio_chip and it worries me.

No, it should not. It operates only on already exported gpiochip
(similar to gpio_export_link()).
It just helps exported GPIO be configured in "interrupt" and not in
"normal" mode.

> One possible comment is that you shouldn't
> add this to gpiolib, if you want to mess around with the
> irq_chip you should create sysfs entries for the irq_chip
> per se, then we can have a symbolic link from the
> gpio_chip to its irq_chip in sysfs, and you can follow that
> to change trigger flanks, right?

I did not found any correlation between kernel space irq_chip and
gpiolib's internal stuctures describing interrupt.

This patch implementation seems like reasonable solution to me, but
still leaves possibility for someone to configure GPIO interrupt mode
internally (within driver) different than it is declared lately to
sysfs by calling my function...

Otherwise, a pointer to an edge set-up kernel function can be added to
the gpio_chip structure, but I think it will be slightly more
complicated, and will fall back to the same thing.

> Part of me doesn't like it when userspace is messing
> around with this kind of thing. Why can't this be set
> up from the kernel itself by some jam table?
> I can understand it if this is some lab board with GPIO
> or so, if it's some embedded GPIO controller within
> a laptop or something it surely should be in kernelspace.

Yes, it is intended for embedded devices, where most (if not all) of
GPIO configuration should be done by the kernel, but also this
configuration should be appropriately exported to sysfs, so that
user-space applications could start using it right after the boot.

> So please detail your usecase a bit... what is the code
> daemon etc in userspace poking around at these pins?
> What is is doing and why?

Right now, sysfs exposes interface like this for GPIO IRQ type configuration :

# cat /sys/class/gpio/gpioX/edge
# echo rising > /sys/class/gpio/gpioX/edge

This example puts GPIO pin X into "interrupt" mode, and declares it's
"type" i.e. that it triggers on rising edge.

In the world of embedded, system configuratio which tells which GPIO
pins should be configured in "interrupt" mode (and what is their
trigger type) is kept in some format usually known only to the kernel
driver. We have no need to export this format to the user space, so
that rc scripts for example would know to parse GPIO configuration and
execute operations I mentioned above.

To avoid that this is done from the user space, a function accesible
to kernel is needed.

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