Re: [PATCH] Do not use cpu_to_node() to find an offlined cpu'snode.

From: David Rientjes
Date: Wed Oct 17 2012 - 23:29:01 EST

On Thu, 18 Oct 2012, Tang Chen wrote:

> We are working on this problem. Since it is complicated, it really
> takes us some time. Sorry for the delay. :)
> Actually, we intend to clear cpu-to-node mappings when a whole node is
> removed. But the node hot-plug code is still under development, so I
> think Wen will send a fix patch soon. :)

Ok, thanks for the update. I agree that we should be clearing the mapping
at node hot-remove since any cpu that would subsequently get onlined and
assume one of the previous cpu's ids is not guaranteed to have the same

I'm just really hoping that we don't touch the acpi code and that we can
remove both cpu_hotplug-unmap-cpu2node-when-the-cpu-is-hotremoved.patch
and cpu_hotplug-unmap-cpu2node-when-the-cpu-is-hotremoved-fix.patch from

Thanks again!
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