[PATCH 0/2 v2] Cleanup battery driver for jz4740

From: Marcos Paulo de Souza
Date: Sun Oct 21 2012 - 21:15:09 EST

Hi guys,

This is the second attempt for clean of the battery driver
of jz4740.

Path 1/2: Is the same, just added the Acked-by from
Lars Peter-Clausen
Path 2/2: use devm_request_and_ioremap, suggested by
Lars Petr-Clausen

The third patch about irqs sent before was droped. This will
be reworked in the next patches.

I hope you enjoy :)

Marcos Paulo de Souza (2):
drivers: power: jz4740-battery: Use devm_kzalloc instead of
drivers: power: jz4740_battery: Use devm_request_and_ioremap

drivers/power/jz4740-battery.c | 35 ++++++++---------------------------
1 file changed, 8 insertions(+), 27 deletions(-)


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