RE: [PATCH v3 resend] USB: PHY: Re-organize Tegra USB PHY driver

From: Venu Byravarasu
Date: Mon Oct 22 2012 - 06:33:45 EST

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> Subject: Re: [PATCH v3 resend] USB: PHY: Re-organize Tegra USB PHY driver
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> Hi,
> >
> > Hi Felipe,
> >
> > The current patch splits out the existing tegra USB phy driver into two parts,
> as
> > you would have already noticed from the code.
> > The probe and etc changes that you asked to add, will be applicable to
> common
> > Phy driver and should not have any implications on SOC dependent phy
> driver.
> what is this SOC dependent PHY driver ?

SOC dependent PHY driver actually deals with the PHY interface programming.
e.g. please see code present in tegra2_usb_driver.c.

> What sort of dependencies are
> there ? Those differences should be handled with runtime checks.

As PHY related bugs got fixed across different set of SOCs apart from
adding few features, wanted to separate this out from common PHY
functionality. This will help us in adding support for different SOCs with
minimum set of changes.

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> balbi
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> * 0x35CAA444
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