Re: [PATCH v2] fat: editions to support fat_fallocate()

From: Namjae Jeon
Date: Tue Oct 23 2012 - 03:24:06 EST

2012/10/23, OGAWA Hirofumi <hirofumi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Namjae Jeon <linkinjeon@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>> Does this break the linux fat driver doesn't know about this
>>> fallocate()? If so, it sounds like to be easy to break existent
>>> drivers.
>> Yes, it will break linux drivers without fallocate support. When we
>> try to write to fallocated file using old drivers, it will cause write
>> error and make FS read-only.
>> When fallocate was implemented in other filesystem, maybe,, was there
>> similar issue and concern ?
> I guess it is not similar. Because other FS can change the spec (e.g. it
> can be possible to use feature compat flag for it).
Okay, I agree.
Thanks for your interest.

> --
> OGAWA Hirofumi <hirofumi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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