Re: [RFT PATCH v2 4/5] mm: provide more accurate estimation of pagesoccupied by memmap

From: Chris Clayton
Date: Mon Dec 03 2012 - 02:26:33 EST

On 12/02/12 19:55, Chris Clayton wrote:

On 11/29/12 10:52, Chris Clayton wrote:
On 11/28/12 23:52, Andrew Morton wrote:
On Wed, 21 Nov 2012 23:09:46 +0800
Jiang Liu <liuj97@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Subject: Re: [RFT PATCH v2 4/5] mm: provide more accurate estimation
of pages occupied by memmap

How are people to test this? "does it boot"?

I've been running kernels with Gerry's 5 patches applied for 11 days
now. This is on a 64bit laptop but with a 32bit kernel + HIGHMEM. I
joined the conversation because my laptop would not resume from suspend
to disk - it either froze or rebooted. With the patches applied the
laptop does successfully resume and has been stable.

Since Monday, I have have been running a kernel with the patches (plus,
from today, the patch you mailed yesterday) applied to 3.7rc7, without

I've been running 3.7-rc7 with the patches listed below for a week now
and it has been perfectly stable. In particular, my laptop will now
successfully resume from suspend to disk, which always failed without
the patches.

I should have said, of course, that it was -rc6 and earlier that would not boot without Jiang Liu's patches. I applied those patches to rc-6 and my resume after suspend to disk problem was fixed. For a subsequent week I have been running with the patches applied to -rc7, with Andrew's patch also applied for the last 3 days. -rc7 was not subject to the resume problem because the patch which broke it had been reverted.
All this has been on a 64bit laptop, but running a 32bit kernel with HIGHMEM.

Apologies for yesterday's inaccuracy. I shouldn't send testing reports when I'm in a hurry.

From Jiang Liu:
1. [RFT PATCH v2 1/5] mm: introduce new field "managed_pages" to struct
2. [RFT PATCH v1 2/5] mm: replace zone->present_pages with
zone->managed_pages if appreciated
3. [RFT PATCH v1 3/5] mm: set zone->present_pages to number of existing
pages in the zone
4. [RFT PATCH v2 4/5] mm: provide more accurate estimation of pages
occupied by memmap
5. [RFT PATCH v1 5/5] mm: increase totalram_pages when free pages
allocated by bootmem allocator

From Andrew Morton:
6. mm-provide-more-accurate-estimation-of-pages-occupied-by-memmap.patch

Tested-by: Chris Clayton <chris2553@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


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