Re: [PATCH 5/5] device_cgroup: propagate local changes down thehierarchy

From: Tejun Heo
Date: Mon Dec 03 2012 - 16:36:35 EST

Hello, Aristeu.

On Mon, Dec 03, 2012 at 02:14:12PM -0500, Aristeu Rozanski wrote:
> > Maybe I'm misunderstanding something but the behavior seems a bit
> > inconsistent. So, you can't add an exception which isn't allowed by
> > your parent, right? But, if your parent disallows an existing
> > exception, you get to keep it? I think it would be more consistent to
> > go either
> >
> > * Allow all settings but apply only as allowed by the parent.
> >
> > * Deny settings disallowed by the parent. If parent's config changes,
> > delete configs which fall outside the new config.
> I prefer this one, in fact that's what was happening before and you
> suggested to not remove local preferences when they're not valid
> anymore.

If I'm contradicting my past self, my apologies. I'm a bit conflicted
about what to do myself. So, you prefer to change configurations
downstream as the parent gets updated. I think you're right. Let's
go with that.


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