[PATCH RFC] misc/at24: distinguish between eeprom and fram chips

From: Lars Poeschel
Date: Tue Dec 04 2012 - 11:58:53 EST


I wanted to use a fm24c04 i2c fram chip with linux. I grepped the source
and found nothing. I later found that my chip can be handled by at24
eeprom driver. It creates a sysfs file called eeprom to read from and
write to the chip. Userspace has no chance to distinguish if it is
writing an eeprom or a fram chip.

I present this patch for 3 reasons:
1. For other people grepping finding a little more reference.
2. For userspace being able to distinguish eeprom and fram.
3. Raising the bytes per write for fram chips.

What do you kernel developers think ?

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