Re: i915 freakout with latest 3.7 git

From: Heinz Diehl
Date: Thu Dec 06 2012 - 07:45:07 EST

On 04.12.2012, Daniel Vetter wrote:

> Yeah, if anyone can somewhat reliably reproduce this

While writing a big file with dd and watching high resolution videos
on youtube, I've managed to reproduce the hang. Unfortunately, it
doesn't occur within seconds. Some playing around is neccessary, and
it takes between 30 sec. and 20 min.

> > Btw: which kernel is known to be the "last good one"?

> If it's the ilk one we only know that 3.6.x series seems to be solid, and
> something in 3.7-rc (probably before -rc1) broke stuff. So not too useful.

I tried 3.6.9 several times over a few hours and could not trigger the
hang, which clearly adds evidence to this statement. I don't want to
scream out too loud, but 3.6.9 seems not to be affected. Will try
some more hours to get a 3.6.9 box to hang, though.. Just in case..

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