Upstart 1.6.1 released

From: James Hunt
Date: Fri Dec 07 2012 - 15:27:40 EST

Summary of changes:

* Improved re-exec performance.
* Minor logger fixes for unflushed data.
* Handle re-exec scenario when requested from within a chroot.
* Minor serialisation data format change to handle chroots and
user sessions.
* Added extra re-exec tests including explicit upgrade tests reading
from pre-prepared JSON data files.
* Make jobs running within a chroot log their output within the chroot.
* Added "Restart" D-Bus method.
* Changed 'telinit u' to use "Restart" D-Bus method rather than
sending SIGTERM to play nicely when busybox(1) is init.
* Added "GetState" D-Bus method allowing current serialised internal state
to be queried.

Thanks to all the contributors, reviewers, testers and users!

Download it from launchpad:

Kind regards,

James Hunt
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