Re: [update] Re: new execve/kernel_thread design

From: Al Viro
Date: Fri Dec 07 2012 - 17:24:03 EST

Current situation:

* most of the architectures are OK - alpha arm arm64 c6x frv hexagon ia64 m68k
microblaze mips openrisc parisc sparc s390 tile um unicore32 x86 xtensa

* powerpc *still* awaits an ACK from maintainers; no reports of any breakage
on linux-next and seems to be doing fine on my tests.

* sh - still nothing from Paul; I'm going to assume that what we have in
linux-next is OK

* mn10300 - untested, AFAIK
* avr32, blackfin, cris, h8300, score - maintainers seem to be MIA
* m32r - maintainer is not MIA, but I'm not sure if anyone, including
maintainer, has working m32r test boxen anymore... Anyway, not a word on
m32r patches in that pile.

Folks, this is the final warning - I *will* send a pull request on the
stuff currently in linux-next as soon as the merge window opens. It had
been sitting there for a long time by now and you've all been Cc'd on
that thread all along.
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