Re: Tux3 report: New news for the new year

From: Daniel Phillips
Date: Tue Jan 01 2013 - 08:27:51 EST

On Tuesday, January 01, 2013 02:06:19 PM Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> Sounds all good and nice and interesting to test, but where to grab the
> source?
> I found no obvious URL.

Hi Martin,

Sorry about that, I knew I forgot something:


Warning: the recent work is on branch temp-atomic-commit and tends to get
refactored changeset-wise on a regular basis. This will be merged to master
pretty soon, and settle down there.

> merkaba:/tmp> git clone
> git:// Cloning
> into 'linux-tux3'...
> fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

I need to do the right incantations to bring the tree up again. needs some loving. Volunteers welcome.



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