Revisiting EFI boot stub config file support

From: Shea Levy
Date: Tue Jan 01 2013 - 10:55:48 EST

Hi all,

In March last year, I submitted a patch to enable the EFI boot stub to read its config arguments from a file on the ESP, both to help with booting from livecds and to avoid having to use efibootmgr every time you change your boottime arguments. I ended up dropping the submission because I ended up coming to the conclusion that tools like rEFInd and gummiboot were better suited to the task of boot managing than the kernel itself.

Since then, however, I've received enough emails asking about the status of the patch that I think there is room for a simpler entrant into the field of linux EFI boot management. This could be in-kernel, as per my original patch, or a very simple out-of-kernel (but maybe distributed in-tree?) efi image that simply reads linux.conf and boots linux with those parameters. My personal bias is still toward handling this functionality outside of the kernel itself, but before I started the work I thought I'd ask here if anyone thought I should instead bring my old patch up-to-date.


Shea Levy

P.S. I am subscribed to linux-efi but not lkml, please include me in any replies to lkml.
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